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5/31/14 at Citizens Bank Park

In true Phillies vs. Mets fashion, this was a long and not too exciting day at the park. Kyle Kendrick was pitching, and anyone who has seen him pitch knows what that means. While there would normally be BP, of course the game before had to last until 12:30 am, but at least the Phils took a victory out of that one.

David Buchanan, one of the Reading Fightin Phils I met on July 6th last year was throwing in the bullpen, so I decided I’d try to get some pictures of him.

AJ Burnett, however had other ideas


Jesus Tiamo was out there, and he got his normal tossup out of the way earlier than usual. I asked Buchanan for a ball but instead, Tiamo grabbed one and flipped it up. Whatever, I’m not complaining. As Hawk Harrelson says, YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD YESSSS.


Once Buchanan finished throwing, the bullpen cleared out and all of the pitchers started hanging out down the line. There wasn’t much of a formal long toss however, as only a few groups of guys came out. Amongst that group was Jeffery Manship.


I got a few autographs, but I don’t really care about them, I’d much rather get baseballs. That wouldn’t be an issue however, as Manship helped me out. He left his baseball in his glove down the line when he was signing autographs and saw that I wasn’t using a MLB ball (No, I don’t like to get real baseballs signed). He ran over to his glove and put a new baseball in it, which I didn’t want to photograph as it would look obnoxious in front of him. Of course, I forgot to take the picture later so you’ll have to believe me, or ask Brendan Weingarten. He was there.

Later on, the Mets pitchers came down the line to throw, which would be normally at least two baseballs but of course a few hundred Met fans of some little fan club they have decided to take a bus trip to CBP (this is a real “invasion”, by the way). I don’t think that this is proper enough of a medium to describe the amount of people in the seats, so I guess they get some respect. Jerry Mejia was the only person to flip up a baseball (at least that I saw) and guess who got it?


There were literally a few hundred Met fans there, and the one Phillie fan walked away with a baseball.

I almost didn’t though. The throw hit the bottom of the tarp, and quite frankly, I was pretty concerned that it would bounce into another direction. Mejia walked over and flipped it up, this time the throw was a little more accurate.



One of the pitchers throwing was Bartolo Colon, who is pretty awesome. I got a few pictures of him.




Another note of interest from this picture: the time was 1:46. Basically everything that happened ballhawking wise was in the first half hour of the gates opening. They opened at 1:05. As for the next hour?

There was a lot of nothing.

After the hour, Bob Stumpo was signing autographs. I also got Tiamo and bullpen coach Rod Nichols to sign. It was one of those days where getting autographs didn’t even seem like a waste of time. For some people, the main intention of going to games is to get autographs, and I get that they like that, but I don’t see the excitement out of it that some do. I guess to each its own.



The game itself wasn’t terrible until the 14th inning. The Phillies rallied in the late innings, and managed to survive until the 14th, or in other words, when Antonio Bastardo came in (go figure). Long story short, the Mets won.


2014- 20 baseballs caught (345 Lifetime)

5 Balls per game

4 Games

36 Autographs (Tony Franklin, Marcus Thames, Tommy Phelps, Orlando Mercado, Manny Barreda, Jeremy Bleich, Joel De La Cruz, Aaron Dott, Jairo Heredia, Cole Kimball, Bryan Mitchell, Diego Moreno, Branden Pinder, Charley Short, Matt Tracey, Pat Venditte, Francisco Arcia, Tyson Blaser, Gary Sanchez, Carmen Angelini, Ali Castillo, Rob Refsnyder, Rob Segedin, Zach Wilson, Taylor Dugas, Ben Gamel, Yeral Sanchez, Mason Williams and Jesus Tiamo (3X), Jeff Manship, Jonathan Papelbon, David Buchanan, Bob Stumpo, Rod Nichols)


I have a few Phillies games coming up in the next couple of weeks, but will also be in Baltimore for three games on June 27th and 28th. That should be fun.