6/25/14 at Citizens Bank Park

At the previous couple of games, things hadn’t really been going my way, so when the Phillies hosted the Marlins on a Wednesday night, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to turn things around. However, the weather forecast seemed to be contradicting towards this, with a strong chance of rain all day. When I got to the stadium though, there was a good sign.


As you can tell, the cages were set up, and batting practice was set to be a go.

This was a good sign, however, it didn’t mean anything was for certain. When the gates opened, I was ready for some BP.


In the half hour between the time I took the above picture and when the gates opened, this happened.



As you can tell, it wasn’t raining, and in fact, it never did rain.

During this time, there was a lot of confusion going on. What would happen if the game got rained out? What if not a single player came out after the gates opened? Would the game count? After talking to Todd Cook for a little bit, there was still no answer on either my end or his, so we hoped for the best, and waited for the players.

After a while, the grounds crew finally realized the rain was never coming, they pulled the tarp.


Unfortunately, the highlight of the first hour and a half in the stadium was taking a picture of the new chairs in the Phillies bullpen. You can’t really tell in the shot but on every chair, there was a piece of tape with some writing on it. According to the Phillies broadcast the next day, the writing was the names of old wrestlers. For example, Jake Diekman was Jake the Snake, Mike Adams was Hulk Hogan and Jonathan Papelbon was Ric Flair.


When Jeff Urgelles came out to work with Jarrod Saltalamacchia, he said that he would give me a ball later, which was relieving as I still wasn’t on the board yet.


Before this would happen, however, there were still other baseballs to be had. I didn’t even need to ask Jesus Tiamo for a baseball, and as usual, I can happily say that he gave me a ball.



Much to Jesus’ dismay, I wasn’t done with snagging. I had a Marlins jersey on the whole time (even with Jesus) so when Henderson Alvarez finished throwing with Saltalamacchia, I called up to him and got a second tossup. At this point, Jesus knows me by know, and we always talk during the game, so I can accurately guess that he was just joking around. Besides, he knows that I get a bunch of baseballs anyway.

Back to the Alvarez ball, here it is.



I didn’t leave right field yet, as I wanted to get some pictures of AJ Burnett,


as well as Giancarlo Stanton.


Although the seats in right were good, I wouldn’t be staying there for long.


Left field was beautiful.

With views like this:


and this


it was hard to resist.


Of course, not even a single baseball came within five sections of me and the Phillies lost.

It was still a nice day out and at least the streak managed to survive a little longer.

My next games after this would be in Baltimore, but we’ll save those for another post.


2014- 24 baseballs caught (349 Lifetime)

4 Balls per game

6 Games

36 Autographs (Tony Franklin, Marcus Thames, Tommy Phelps, Orlando Mercado, Manny Barreda, Jeremy Bleich, Joel De La Cruz, Aaron Dott, Jairo Heredia, Cole Kimball, Bryan Mitchell, Diego Moreno, Branden Pinder, Charley Short, Matt Tracey, Pat Venditte, Francisco Arcia, Tyson Blaser, Gary Sanchez, Carmen Angelini, Ali Castillo, Rob Refsnyder, Rob Segedin, Zach Wilson, Taylor Dugas, Ben Gamel, Yeral Sanchez, Mason Williams and Jesus Tiamo (3X), Jeff Manship, Jonathan Papelbon, David Buchanan, Bob Stumpo, Rod Nichols)


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