5/4/14 at Citizens Bank Park

The weekend started the day before, at Arm and Hammer Park. We were driving home from New Hope, and decided to run by the stadium for five minutes, in an attempt to get a ball.


About 10 minutes later, I was in the right field corner, and Pat Venditte walked over with this.


I didn’t even have a glove, so after this, I left.


Moving on to Sunday, it was raining on-and-off and the odds of batting practice happening were becoming lower and lower by the minute. So, when I walked by Ashburn Alley, imagine the surprise when I saw the cage set up.


Since it was a Sunday, the whole stadium opened at the same time, but I still started in left center field, where Mike Adams was. He gave the first few balls to young kids, but eventually flipped one up to me.



After that, it was off to the Wedge in right field, where Jake Diekman was.


When a ball went out to the warning track, he flipped it up to me.



Due to the rain, the stadium was still pretty empty and there was a lot of room in right field.


There was only one home run, and due to a bunch of bounces, it ended up no where near me.


Down the left field line, the Nationals pitchers were throwing.


I didn’t get a ball from them, and I almost didn’t get a ball at all, but Tony Tarasco, picked up a ball that was hit by a Nat. He was going to throw it to a girl, but she had one in her hand already, so he gave it to me instead.


Once again, I went to right field, this time for the Nationals.


A pitcher (I don’t know who, I can’t recognize half of the Nats) gave me my fourth baseball of the game.


This pitcher was in the right field corner, when he gave me a ball that I didn’t remember to take a picture of.


After BP, Jesus was out in the bullpen, signing autographs…



… and throwing out baseballs


Roberto Hernandez was the starter for the game…


… and Jayson Werth, the despised former Phillie was out in right field…


…and hours later, it was over.



2014- 17 baseballs caught (342 Lifetime)

5.6 Balls per game

3 Games

30 Autographs (Tony Franklin, Marcus Thames, Tommy Phelps, Orlando Mercado, Manny Barreda, Jeremy Bleich, Joel De La Cruz, Aaron Dott, Jairo Heredia, Cole Kimball, Bryan Mitchell, Diego Moreno, Branden Pinder, Charley Short, Matt Tracey, Pat Venditte, Francisco Arcia, Tyson Blaser, Gary Sanchez, Carmen Angelini, Ali Castillo, Rob Refsnyder, Rob Segedin, Zach Wilson, Taylor Dugas, Ben Gamel, Yeral Sanchez, Mason Williams and Jesus Tiamo (2X))

Bold indicates MLB


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