4/17/14 at Citizens Bank Park

The Phillies were hosting a businessperson’s special, and with free tickets from the Fightin Phils Fan Club, there was no way that I would pass up the opportunity to go to the game.

With a 1 PM start, gates would open at 11 AM, due to the fact that the team pushed back gate opening times for this season.

As usual, I was the first person at the gate before it was open.


I wasn’t expecting any batting practice to take place, so I was wearing my Braves gear, but when the gates were opened, I saw that the batting practice cages were set up, so I rushed to get my Phillies gear on, however, when I got to the seating bowl, I saw Braves pitchers throwing, so I frantically changed again.



At this game, I was using a new glove, which I was pretty sure had been broken in enough. When a Braves pitcher threw me a ball, it went in and out of my glove and into the moat where the foul pole is.

Jonny Venters walked by, and I told him what had happened, so he went to get me a new ball, which also fell into the gap.

The third ball wasn’t dropped, but that’s because he overthrew me by a few rows. It did roll down however, and I was finally on the board. (That’s my old glove, which I also brought to the game with me incase this happened, by the way)



The glove trick wasn’t working, because the balls kind of wedged under the railing, so an usher jumped down and handed them both to me.


So, if you think about it, if I would have caught the first ball, Venters would have never thrown the other two, and at that point, I would have only had one ball, not three.

In left field, I got one ball, a Jake Diekman tossup, which I gave away so it doesn’t count towards my totals.


Since left field was dead, I went to right field, where a Phillie hit a ball to the warning track



I called  to Mike Adams, who walked over…



…. and threw me the ball, which my old glove cleanly caught.


The Phillies only hit one home run, and the Braves didn’t even hit, but I’m not arguing because I didn’t even expect partial BP at this game.

Jesus Tiamo, and new bullpen catcher Bob Stumpo, walked out to the pen, like they normally do before a game, however, Tiamo was probably not expecting a “TIAMO 81” name and number shirt of his waiting to be signed. He did come through, though.



He also gave me two balls, one of which was given away, so it obviously won’t count.



AJ Burnett was starting for the Phils



I was sitting in the last row of section 102, which is great, because it has this view of the bullpens.



What were they all staring at?

The scoreboard, as Ryne Sandberg was challenging a call



Although the call went in favor of the Phillies, the Braves, down 1-0 in the ninth had Craig Kimbrel throwing in the pen.IMG_1989


After Jonathan Papelbon notched the save, Eddie Perez tossed me up the ball Kimbrel was using, my last of the game.




2014- Ten baseballs caught (335 Lifetime)

5 Balls per game

2 Games

29 Autographs (Tony Franklin, Marcus Thames, Tommy Phelps, Orlando Mercado, Manny Barreda, Jeremy Bleich, Joel De La Cruz, Aaron Dott, Jairo Heredia, Cole Kimball, Bryan Mitchell, Diego Moreno, Branden Pinder, Charley Short, Matt Tracey, Pat Venditte, Francisco Arcia, Tyson Blaser, Gary Sanchez, Carmen Angelini, Ali Castillo, Rob Refsnyder, Rob Segedin, Zach Wilson, Taylor Dugas, Ben Gamel, Yeral Sanchez and Mason Williams, Jesus Tiamo)

Bold indicates MLB





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