2013 Season in Review: April-May

I started making this entry around 11:30 PM on a Sunday night and it was really, really terrible at first. So I decided to mess with the formatting a little bit. Instead of what I did last year (See 2012 Part 1, and no, there isn’t a part 2, part 1 was that bad), I decided I’d do something that goes game-by-game. Just a few snippets from the game, maybe a picture, just enough to give the feel of what happened.

This entry will be known as part one and the next installment will come out a day or two after this comes out (I don’t know which day because as I’m writing this, I have no clue how it’s going to turn out.

EDIT- This is actually becoming kind of lengthy now.

So; This is the new format

Now- You are reading the April- May entry

In two days- The June- July entry comes out

Finally, in four days, the August- September entry is released.

April 2nd at Arm and Hammer Park.

For the first time ever, the Trenton Thunder would be taking the field at Arm and Hammer, not Waterfront Park. It was an open house, something that they do each year where they have a batting practice and autograph session, which I skipped. I feel as if this was the perfect “game” to start off with because it was symbolic towards how the whole season would go Minor League wise: relatively little effort and a lot of success in a short amount of time. I think that only five baseballs were thrown to the crowd that day, and I got five baseballs so not counting the ballhawk who was outside of the stadium for homers, I dominated that game.

The first baseball of 2013.

The first baseball of 2013.

April 11th at Arm and Hammer Park.

I feel like this is the carbon copy for sooooooo many games in Trenton from last year.

A tossup from Tyler Austin, one from some unknown player who game me a ball at like, every game in the second half. Sub-par pictures taken from behind the dugout, basically the same stuff it always is.

"Sub-par pictures taken behind the dugout"

“Sub-par pictures taken from behind the dugout”

April 25th at Citizens Bank Park.

Finally, the first time back home for 2013. This wasn’t the best game as we had to be at the stadium before 10 AM and there was no way that we’d see batting practice but we went because we got free tickets after a rainout from September 2012. Somehow though, tossups were bountiful seeing that the stadium was pretty empty and I ended up with five baseballs, including two from Tiamo (who should’t need an intro anymore.) And I’m pretty sure the Phillies lost too, so that’s that.


May 4th at Citizens Bank Park.

For the first time this season, we’d be at a game with the Cook family. And, to make it even better, there would be a batting practice this time! It started with a few tossups but in my opinion, the funniest moment was with Tom Koehler. I’m pretty sure he asked me if I could catch a ball and obviously, I can so I said yes. When he threw the ball from down the foul line, it proceeded to tip off of my glove and fly five rows back. I still ended up getting it but, I found that ironic. This game was very productive for all of the ballhawks in attendance. I finished with seven baseballs and the Cooks got 10. By the way, their 10th, thrown by Jesus Tiamo was their 400th baseball overall. I’m probably going to hit that mark around June (hopefully). And, we all got autographs from Tiamo.



May 11th at Arm and Hammer Park.

Yes, I know records and achievements are weakened when they come through MiLB games but this was the game where I got baseball 200 at. There was no BP, which translates to the fact that it was hell at first but once I got creative with my resources, it turned out pretty nice. And, I got two third out balls.

One of these baseballs turned out to be #200.

One of these baseballs turned out to be #200. 


May 17th at Arm and Hammer Park.

For the final time in May, we were in Trenton but this game meant something to me because the Orioles are my AL team and the Thunder were playing the Bowie BaySox. The Oriole jersey I was wearing got me a third out ball, lineup card and tossups throughout the game. And as it turned out, this would be my last lineup card of the year.

This baseball from the Thunder bullpen had a black line through it. According to Thunder pitcher Danny Burawa, this ball is used to throw four seamers. If the black line is straight, that means that the ball has better spin.

This baseball from the Thunder bullpen had a black line through it. According to Thunder pitcher Danny Burawa, this ball is used to throw four seamers. If the black line is straight, that means that the ball has better spin. 

May 28th at Fenway Park.

This is the final game that’ll be featured in this entry, which is fitting because it was the best, by far. For the first time ever, I was at pro baseball’s nicest stadium Fenway Park. We started off with the touristy stuff, walking a lap around the stadium and going to the Bleacher Bar for lunch while watching the players who were stretching early. We were the first in line at the Red Sox Nation gate and were the first in the bleachers. I’m proud to say that I have a BP home run from Fenway. I got tossups from Dana Lavange, Humberto Quintero, Cole Hamels and Ben Revere. It was a great experience to watch a game from the bleachers and even better to see the Phillies win.


Alright, the reason you all are probably reading this: contest time!

So, this is going to be a long contest, going until the first team starts pitchers and catchers, February 13th.

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  1. Joe Manning

    As an ex-pitcher myself, I found the black guide line on the ball for four-seam fastballs quite interesting. I thought my college pitching coach was nuts when he first started writing on the balls for various pitches but it really helped me. It also helped many of the pitchers I coached later in life.

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