Good Things Don’t Last Forever- 9/21/13 at Citizens Bank Park

This was it.

One final chance to snag for the year. Obviously, October wasn’t on my mind because I’m a Phillies fan and since there was about a 10% chance of me going to Oriole Park the following weekend, I assumed this would be my last game of the year. I wouldn’t be the only ballhawk at the game because Todd, Tim and Kellan would also be there. I gave them all free packs of BIGS Seeds and then played catch with Tim for fifteen minutes. After what seemed like ages, the gates were finally set to open up.


When the gates open up, most people go to straight- away left for some reason so, the area near the camera well was relitively empty. The center field group this year during batting practice included Luis Garcia, JC Ramirez, Cesar Jimenez and a few others. They weren’t letting any balls go to the warning track and unless something is on the warning track, they generally don’t throw up too many baseballs. However, when I asked in Spanish, he threw up a ball, putting me on the board.


The other empty spot during BP is the section right by the foul pole. It is normally empty and anything hit down the left field line rolls right up to that area. As long as you used please, it was almost a guarenteed tossup. Last year, Michael Schwimmer was out there and he wasn’t as nice but, this year, Joe Savery was very good for tossups. Here is my second baseball of the game.


For some reason, the stadium was really packed on that day, it was kind of like the playoff games that I was at in ’07 and the one I went to in ’11. Because of this, I was shut out for the rest of Phillies BP however, there is no reason to be mad because the baseballs from the Mets would prove to be awesome.

I went down the line because some Mets started warming up. I was taking pictures of the players and coaches but something stood out in one of the shots. See if you can find what I’m talking about. (Yes, I know that they’re circled.)


The Mets were using 50th anniversary balls from 2012. I had gotten one of them on July 4th, 2012 at Citi Field from Rickey Bones however, I was content to get a few more that day.

The coach who’s legs are visable in the above picture is Eric Langill so I said “Eric, do you by any chance have any of the 50th anniversary balls to spare please?’. Instead of getting one from the pile, he went into his equiptment bag and got me a fresh one, my third of the day.


The Mets pitchers all warmed up with commemoratives…


…however, I would have no luck over there.

But, I did get another commemorative, this one with a major assist from Todd.

Anthony Recker was shagging in left-center and we were all standing in the pizza wedge. Todd told me that it was Recker in left-center (he had a stupid pullover on… I’m going to go off topic for a moment, I know the players need the pullover for when it’s cold and I know it brings in money but from a ballhawking standpoint, I hate the pullovers so much.). We all asked Anthony for the ball however, I was the one who got it. Don’t worry though, Tim ended up getting a commemorative from Recker.


Shortly after I left the wedge during BP, Recker tried to throw the Cook’s a ball that went into the bullpen (as I mentioned earlier, he eventually got then one). When Rich Dubee (who is no longer the pitching coach) came out, fifteen or so people were ready to ask him for it.


What the others made the mistake of is that they waited until Dubee got into the bullpen to ask for the ball. When he was still on the field. I asked him for the ball and told him where it was. When he went into the bullpen, he ignored the others and gave me my third commemorative of the game.


However, the moment everyone was waiting for, JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know that Ruben is probably going to clean house this winter but, I think it would be a real shame if they got rid of Tiamo. It isn’t just me and the Cooks. For fifteen minutes, people were non stop going over to the bullpen and waving or saying hi and he would wave back or start a conversation. Jesus was probably the only bright spot of this season for the Phillies and it would be a real shame if Ruben made another stupid move.

Anyway, you know the procidure, here is my sixth ball of the game and my 153rd of the season, my 325th overall.


I had front row, seat one of the wedge.


However, we went into a rain delay.


There were puddles on the track.


And it got canceled after a 1:28 delay.

Tiamo didn’t even come out to clean up, the groundskeepers did.



153 Baseballs caught in 2013 (325 overall)

6 at this game

19 Games

8 Balls Per Game Average


None today.

21 this season- Brett Krill, JR Murphy, Rob Segedin, Jesus Tiamo, Blaine Beatty, Kyle Hudson, Chris Petrini, Jordan Guth, Jeb Stefan, Greg Luzinski (2), Shane Brown, Jesse Biddle, David Buchanan, Kelly Dugan, Edgar Duran, Jay Johnson, Hector Neris, Seth Rosin, Juan Sosa, Casey Stevenson





  1. Cook & Son Bats

    One correct, H. The commemorative that Dubee threw you wasn’t hit by a Met into the bullpen. Right after Recker threw the ball that you caught, he threw another to us but air mailed it into the bullpen. That’s the ball that Dubee tossed to you. So you got two Recker tossed commems, one with a Dubee assist. But, you were right, after Recker air mailed the ball into the bullpen, he tossed a third commem that we got.

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