8/31/13 at Coca Cola Park

Just like most minor league entries posted here, I’ll start off with a picture of Arm and Hammer Park.


However, I wouldn’t be going to a game there seeing that the Thunder were in Portland.

Instead, I was back in Allentown to watch the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs face off against the Scranton/ Wilkes- Barre Railriders.


There was a pitcher on the field who was throwing with Ray Burris.


However, I obviously wasn’t going to disturb them because I was the only person there besides the two Iron Pigs.

I wouldn’t leave the top row until Burris chucked a ball into the seats after it landed into a puddle. I quickly picked it up and went back to watching the warm up.


I started off in the berm area during batting practice however…


… my first three batting practice balls were all foul balls picked up in the “hot corner” picnic area down the third base line.

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 5.51.14 PM

Back in left field, I snagged a homer.


Then, Scranton came out.


My first toss out there was from Adonis Garcia


I’d get two more tossups from the Rail Riders in left, one from Caleb Cotham and one from Jim Miller. The other kids in left were also asking Miller for a ball however, I was better off for numerous reasons. One, they didn’t have a glove and two, they were both holding other balls in their hands. Jim kept on telling them to leave and as soon as I headed to right field, they followed me.


Former Phillie David Herndon was in right field and since I knew his name, he quickly gave me a ball. However, it went right over my head and into the next row which is elevated similarly to Fenway’s Green Monster. The two kids raced for it but, I picked up my ninth ball of the game.

The two kids were back at it again, calling Brett Marshall by his number and screaming “BALL BALL”. I had my Trenton Thunder gear on so when he turned around to field all ball, all I had to do was point at my hat and he flipped the tenth ball up, much to the annoyance of the kids.

The Thunder gear worked out because Dellin Betances was with the group in center field. As soon as he turned around, he unexpectedly chucked a ball up that I was able to snag.


Here are the three balls from right field.

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 5.55.05 PM


153 Baseballs caught in 2013 (319 overall)

11 at this game

18 Games

8.5 Balls Per Game Average


None today.

21 this season- Brett Krill, JR Murphy, Rob Segedin, Jesus Tiamo, Blaine Beatty, Kyle Hudson, Chris Petrini, Jordan Guth, Jeb Stefan, Greg Luzinski (2), Shane Brown, Jesse Biddle, David Buchanan, Kelly Dugan, Edgar Duran, Jay Johnson, Hector Neris, Seth Rosin, Juan Sosa, Casey Stevenson



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