Readers Appreciation Contest

Just as Erik Jabs has done, I am doing a readers appreciation contest. I am almost at 500 views so I figured the time is right. I am giving away a Phillies hat!
Here is the front,

As you can see on the back, it is a snapback!
  This hat has never been worn. We got it at the stadium last year and we were trying to sell it on eBay! Nobody bought it so I am giving it away!


1) The contest ends on Sunday April 15th, 2012 at 6 PM

2) There are four ways to enter

a) By commenting on an entry. You can enter by doing this once a day.

b) By writing about the contest on your blog. (Not a whole entry, just a little part)

c) By reffering this blog to someone else. If they comment and write that you reffered, you and the other person get an entry.

d) Liking the posts

So, get ready to win!



Edit: You can get as many entries via comment as you like!



    • philadelphia45

      1) Yeah. However, you can still get three more entries if you do the other things.
      2) Probably like Erik does. Put the names in a hat and pick. I might get creative and do something else though.

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